Coinciding with her Two-year Anniversary of Lifestyle Changes, Dr. Darby Expands her Concierge Medicine and Weight Management Practice to Identify, Treat and Prevent Chronic Disease, Obesity, and Aging  

The Covid crisis was a catalyst to extraordinary change in how health care practitioners provide preventative and specialized medical supervision to ensure safety mandates. The explosion of telemedicine created unprecedented doctor-patient communication; however, it unveiled the need to optimize efficiency and efficacy in providing highly coordinated care.

Dr. Janine Darby launched Lifestyle Changes to offer telemedicine even prior to coronavirus pandemic

“These medical innovations and advancements are here to stay,” said Dr. Janine Darby, a double board-certified physician in family and obesity medicine, and founder of Lifestyle Changes. “While ‘concierge medicine’ has been around for some time, the pandemic increased the need for doctors to manage all medical care for the patient.”


Dr. Darby is a pioneer in this new era of medicine. She established Lifestyle Changes in April 2019 with the vision to serve the unmet need of specialized, medical weight loss via a combination of virtual and at-home appointments. Serendipitously, Dr. Darby began to offer primary care so she could best identify, treat, and prevent her patients’ underlying medical conditions that contribute to existing weight issues. Fast forward to May 2021 and Lifestyle Changes has naturally evolved given the clinical criteria Dr. Darby learned from experience. To best advocate, oversee, follow, and maintain coordinated care for her patients, Dr. Darby now offers a comprehensive practice leveraging a multitude of specialists and resources needed to make her patients’ holistic wellness the priority.

Double board-certified in family and obesity medicine

Double board-certified in family and obesity medicine

“Equity and access are the most critical components to preventative medicine,” said Dr. Darby. “I know firsthand what is needed to achieve and maintain an individual’s overall health and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.”


Dr. Darby gives her patients the acute attention they need with individual treatment packages and various levels of coordinated care. This dedicated level of health care ensures that Dr. Darby’s patients receive a personally tailored wellness plan – albeit in primary care and/or weight loss – to achieve their best life with simple Lifestyle Changes. In addition, she delivers a holistic approach to health and healing by addressing the patient’s mindset, behaviors, knowledge, underlying conditions, and medication management. Dr. Darby keeps her business to scale to guarantee 24/7 access and immediate care virtually or in-person, depending on the patient’s or family’s needs.


“Unfortunately, large health care providers are simply limited by what they can offer as physicians are required to meet patient quotas to make the ‘big business’ profitable,” said Dr. Darby. “This formula is a lose/lose for the patient and the doctor who are both rushed through appointments to address only the timeliest need.”


The crux of Lifestyle Changes is Dr. Darby’s personal experience. In her book, Get Your Sexy Back, Dr. Darby shares her journey through weight loss to wellness that motivates others to achieve their goals. Dr. Darby’s patients have lost up to 50 pounds in four to six months and more than 100 pounds in a year!

Dr. Darby shares her journey through weight loss to wellness


About Lifestyle Changes:


Dr. Janine Darby runs Lifestyle Changes from her home office. She offers patients private, virtual appointments via a secure, HIPAA compliant video chat platform and in-person visits as necessary. This model helps patients to navigate their busy schedules that often prevent their commitment to a successful wellness program. She also developed a private-label collection of vitamins and supplements to complement her treatment plans.


Dr. Darby earned her undergraduate degree in biology from Carnegie Mellon University and her Doctor of Medicine degree from Temple University School of Medicine. She completed her three-year residency in Family Medicine in the Philadelphia suburbs and was Chief Resident in her last year.


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