Lifestyle Changes’ Dr. Janine Darby Offers White-Coat, White-Glove, Concierge-Style Health Care

A dangerous side effect of modern medicine: doctors disappearing out the door. The average primary care visit lasts around 17 minutes – enough time to tackle a discrete problem perhaps but nowhere near long enough to accomplish the hard work of health care: keeping folks healthy and chronic disease at bay. May we suggest a new kind of physician? One [...]

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Power Player – Philadelphia Style Magazine

Dr. Darby is a double board-certified physician in family and obesity medicine. A pioneer in telemedicine, she launched Lifestyle Changes to offer access and equity of highly personalized primary care and weight management. She exemplifies medical excellence in this post-pandemic era by advocating and overseeing coordinated care for her multiple specialists and resources to guarantee holistic wellness. READ THE FULL [...]

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Dare to Live Well – Suburban Life Magazine

Janine Darby, M.D., shares a world of wisdom in just three words: “Health is wealth.” As a double-board-certified family physician and bariatrician, as well as the founder of Lifestyle Changes, she would know. Her words carry even more weight in light of the fact that an ongoing global health crisis has claimed the lives of more than 3 million people. [...]

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Struggling to lose weight? Time for Lifestyle Changes LLC Even physicians make poor choices. For years, Dr. Janine Darby had put healthy eating on a back burner. With a bustling Penn Medicine family practice in Phoenixville and four demanding kids, who had time to cut vegetables? Eating on the run – a pizza here, a bowl of ice cream there – and [...]

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The Face of Medical Weight Loss – Mainline Today

Dr. Janine Darby is a board-certified obesity and family medicine physician, a bestselling author, a speaker, and CEO of Lifestyle Changes, a high-quality virtual medical practice serving Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. Dr. Darby helps moms successfully lose weight, feel better about themselves and maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing a personalized, comprehensive medical weight-loss program, products and resources. She [...]

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Anti-Aging Skincare Lines from Four Main Line Area Doctors

Local specialists have created their own lines of wellness products. Are they right for you? We take a deep dive into creams, lotions and potions. Looking younger is an eternal wish, and 2020 has inspired an additional goal: looking healthy. “There’s a movement toward skincare that’s part of wellness, immunity-boosting and staying healthy,” says Dr. Victoria Cirillo-Hyland of the Cirillo [...]

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Fusion PPE Experiencing Increase In Consumer Sales Of N95 Respirators Amidst COVID-19 Surge Fusion PPE is a trusted medical sales company lead by a team of industry executives with 30 years of experience. Their comprehensive collection of PPE includes N95s, single use face masks, reusable antimicrobial face masks, face shields, Orbel™ Personal Hand Sanitizing Devices, wipes, air purifiers, coronavirus tests, and more. Its products are available for immediate delivery in various [...]

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Amidst Massive Surge Of COVID-19 And International Lockdowns, Fusion PPE Continues To Supply CDC And NIOSH-Approved N95 Respirators And Authentic PPE To Essential Workers, Consumers, And Professional Organizations With the enormous increase in COVID-19 infections and countries going back into lockdown, it is critical that essential workers and other individuals have a full supply of N95 respirators and authentic personal protective equipment (PPE). Fusion PPE continues [...]

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Local Bariatric Expert: How Losing 5 Percent of Your Body Weight Changes Your Life Dr. Janine Darby is a board-certified family doctor and weight loss expert who has helped many women get their sexy back. She creates and provides a comprehensive and personalized medical weight loss program. Darby is the founder and CEO of Lifestyle Changes, a virtual medical practice, [...]

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The Face of Medical Weight Loss – Mainline Today

Dr. Janine Darby is dually board-certified in family medicine and obesity medicine. She is the owner of Lifestyle Changes, a virtual medical practice in Audubon, Pa. Dr. Darby helps women successfully lose weight, feel better about themselves and maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing a comprehensive medical weight loss program. Patients schedule an initial one-hour online consultation to review EKG, [...]

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