Lifestyle Changes by Dr. Janine Darby Helps Patients Slim Down and Companies Shape Up

Dr. Janine Darby, board certified in Obesity and Family Medicine, best-selling author of “Get Your Sexy Back,” and an inspiring weight-loss success story herself, employs an approach that’s highly medical and uniquely personal. Patients rave about her thorough health screenings, compassion, and one-on-one, customized programs. Now, Dr. Darby is bringing her expertise and empathy to corporations – thanks to a [...]

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A new approach to personalized weight control and corporate wellness

Hot off the press from Savvy Main about Lifestyle Changes' third anniversary and continued growth. As featured in Savvy Main Line by Caroline O'Halloran. For three years, Lifestyle Changes’ Dr. Janine Darby has helped patients slim down and shape up. This isn’t a side specialty – it’s her entire practice. As word about her unique service has [...]

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Lifestyle Changes celebrates third anniversary with an expansion of services and a special offer on proprietary merchandise

Dr. Janine Darby Celebrates the Third Anniversary of Lifestyle Changes, a Physician-led Weight Management and Corporate Wellness Practice, Expanding Services to Serve a Remote Workforce and Individuals’ Post-pandemic Health Issues Dr. Janine Darby, a double board-certified physician in family and obesity medicine, celebrates her third anniversary of Lifestyle Changes with an expansion of services and a special offer on proprietary [...]

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Virtual Wellness Programs offer Solutions for Health and Culture of Caring

As the coronavirus continues to create the need for a virtual workforce, companies are challenged to ensure a culture of caring and camaraderie through added benefits that help employees stay healthy and grow closer as a team. Lifestyle Changes by Dr. Darby addresses this need with corporate wellness programs that combine live, online group events with virtual employee health assessments. [...]

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Tips to Keep From Holiday Weight Gain

As we approach the holiday season, I want to take a moment to express my thanks for those who supported us throughout the year. Special thanks goes to Caroline O'Halloran of Savvy MainLine who has shared various stories about Lifestyle Changes and our continued expansion in medical weight loss and corporate wellness. To better prepare you for how to maintain [...]

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Dr. Darby Offers Health Tips to Real Simple

Dr. Darby of Lifestyle Changes by Dr. Darby shares essential health tips in Real Simple. Don't put off these important medical check-ups and screenings. Sharing essential health tips in Real Simple 8 Important Health Appointments Not to Skip in Your 20s and 30s. "Prevention is better than a cure," says Janine Darby, MD, a double board-certified physician in family [...]

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Suburban Life Cover Story – October 2021

Paying It Forward As a physician, a community leader, and an entrepreneur, Dr. Janine Darby strives to “leave this world better than when I met it.” by Bill Donahue Suburban Life magazine cover story. The pandemic has hit most Americans hard, even if the virus has not affected them directly. Many find themselves struggling with unwanted health issues—an [...]

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The highly infectious delta variant sweeping the U.S. begs the question…to wear or not to wear a mask?

Wear a mask and get vaccinated as the United States is now averaging about 23,346 new delta variant cases a day over the past seven days, a 97% increase from the week prior, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. “We can't have it both ways; we can't be both unmasked and non-socially distant and unvaccinated. That won't work," Dr. [...]

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Telemedicine’s Emergence from the Pandemic Allows Physicians to Improve Patient Care

Dr. Janine Darby Shares the Success of her Pioneering Virtual Weight Loss and Primary Care Practice following the Covid-19 Pandemic   Pennsylvania will lift its mask mandate on June 28. Does this mask exodus create an influx for physicians to grow their practice? Dr. Janine Darby, the founder of Lifestyle Changes, a virtual primary care and medical weight loss practice, [...]

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Telemedicine Pioneer Dr. Darby Celebrates Second Anniversary of Lifestyle Changes

Coinciding with her Two-year Anniversary of Lifestyle Changes, Dr. Darby Expands her Concierge Medicine and Weight Management Practice to Identify, Treat and Prevent Chronic Disease, Obesity, and Aging   The Covid crisis was a catalyst to extraordinary change in how health care practitioners provide preventative and specialized medical supervision to ensure safety mandates. The explosion of telemedicine created unprecedented doctor-patient [...]

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