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Start Making Simple Lifestyle Changes NOW for a Healthy Year Ahead

The New Year is perfect for starting a new health and wellness routine. This is why we are focusing on MOVEMENT this month. Simple activities can positively impact your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, especially during the shortest and darkest days of the year. So, let’s start now by adding new movements to your life.

This month I am working with my corporate clients on how to introduce Tai Chi into their employee wellness programs. This form of exercise, which began as a Chinese tradition based on martial arts, involves slow movements and deep breaths, which is an excellent beginning to every new day and a new routine.

As for my one-on-one patients and group participants, we are beginning their new wellness plans by starting on the basics. We can take small and measurable steps towards change that become an adopted healthy habit over time. 

Read below to learn more about the LIFESTYLE CHANGES you can make now to ensure a healthy path ahead. I also include a few of my favorite products to ensure a good start and tips for keeping your New Year’s health and wellness resolutions.

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Getting started on a new health and wellness routine? Here are my top 3 recommendations for beginning your new program. 

1. Understand the Why

Why do you want this resolution to change your diet and lifestyle? Understand your goals in making these changes.

2. Have a Plan

The best resolutions involve having a plan for achieving your goals. This plan includes seeking out the help of an expert, keeping a journal to check in on your progress, and focusing on what I call the 3Ms – Mindset, Meal Planning, and Movement.

3. Choose Your Favorite Movement Since we are focusing on movement this month, look for an easy activity you can begin at home, such as dancing, jump roping, yoga, or Tai Chi. More on Tai Chi follows below.

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    Looking for a new movement practice? Consider introducing Tai Chi into your daily routine. It has many physical and emotional benefits, as follows below.

    1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety
    2. Improves Mood
    3. Betters Sleep
    4. Promotes Weight Loss
    5. Strengthens Memory and Attention
    6. Improves Balance and Motor Function
    7. Increases Flexibility
    8. Offers Aerobic Conditioning and Cardiovascular Conditioning
    9. Manages Chronic Diseases
    10. Lowers Blood Pressure
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    Metabolism Boost – $44

    A potent herbal formula for supporting a healthy weight and for increasing your metabolism. Learn more or purchase here.

    E – Open up and notice the flavor of 1 thing.

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    The Lifestyle Changes Gift of Wellness

    Start a new health routine with Dr. Janine Darby, a double board-certified physician in family and obesity medicine. This package includes a 45-minute virtual consultation with Dr. Darby to review your medical history and lifestyle to create a customized wellness plan. It includes The Lifestyle Changes Wellness Bundle of the Six-Month Wellness Journal, Bookmark, and Pen set. ($150, a $310 value). Learn more or purchase here.

    E – Open up and notice the flavor of 1 thing.


    If your New Year’s resolutions included lifestyle changes, follow these tips to achieve those goals.

    Read more in the link below or here.

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    From 213 to 184 Pounds

    “When I started with Dr. Darby and the Lifestyle Changes program, I thought it was just another diet, but I quickly discovered that it was much more. This program has helped me make better decisions regarding the food I eat no matter where I am, be it at the grocery store, a restaurant, at a party, or just having dinner with the family. Having Dr. Darby as my coach, I have lost 28 lbs, but more importantly, I have gained the freedom around food that I didn’t have before because I now have a better understanding of the foods that are best for me.

    Dr. Darby has been a great person to work with as she made this my journey – everything was tailored to me. The tools that she used were excellent. The scales, and the blood pressure monitor, were the latest state-of-the-art technology, and the Lifestyle changes supplements and the weekly one-on-one coaching sessions helped me to be the very best version of myself that I have become.

    The Lifestyle Changes supplements are great too. I particularly enjoy the Taste Free Protein powder. You can put it on or in just about anything. And the Melatonin tabs are excellent; after taking one tablet before bed, I go to sleep faster and longer.

    If you are searching for a lifestyle change, you are one decision away from a better you!” ~ David