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Spring Forward into Weight Loss and Wellness

Finally! Warmer weather, longer daylight hours, greener grass, and Spring Break! For those who have been hibernating over the winter months, this may mean a few extra pounds and a less-than-healthy lifestyle have kept you comfortable during the winter. So, it’s time to jumpstart your weight loss and wellness plan. And I have the prescription to help you succeed in your spring towards a healthy new season. 

To start your path to wellness, I recommend focusing on what I call the 3 Ms – mindset, meal planning, and movement. So, below are my suggestions for a new routine that includes walking meditation, plant-based meals, my proprietary Belly Buster and Metabolism Boost supplements, and join my NEW! Summer Body Jumpstart – 6-Week Group Weight Loss Program that kicks off on April 19.

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Why Walking Meditation? 

The ancient Buddhist form of walking meditation connects the mind and body to achieve a meditative state for the best of both worlds. Below are the benefits of this exercise.  

Improves Awareness – As your body moves and your thoughts drift, you learn to focus and bring awareness to your physical and mental state.

Benefits Quality of Sleep – Regular meditation can lower your blood pressure and heart rate and produce more melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep.

Offers Mental Clarity – Movement and meditation calm your racing thoughts and help you avoid numerous distractions. 

Creates a Mind-Body Connection – Notice bodily sensations you have while walking and take inventory of how your posture aligns as you move slowly. 

Can Be Done Anywhere – All you need is space for a few steps – either at home or in a park. Take 10 to 20 steps slightly slower than your usual stride, turn around, repeat 10-15 minutes every day.


Supplements to Aid in Weight Loss

BELLY BUSTER helps reduce body fat and increase muscle while supporting healthy blood sugar control.

The METABOLISM BOOST is a potent herbal concentrate supporting healthy weight and increasing metabolism.

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E – Open up and notice the flavor of 1 thing.

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Summer Body Jumpstart 6-Week Group Weight Loss Program

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This Spring, Dr. Janine Darby, award-winning obesity medicine and corporate wellness physician, begins a 6-week group weight loss coaching program to help you lose weight and feel great in time for Spring and Summer vacations.

  • Dates: Every Wednesday from April 19 to May 24, 2023, at 7:00 PM ET.
  • Includes: Virtual one-on-one medical check-ins with Dr. Janine Darby, 60 to 90-minute LIVE online sessions with special guests, sample meal plans, and more.
  • Content: LIVE online sessions focus on Dr. Darby’s 3 M’s – Mindset, Meal Planning, and Movement.
  • Topics: Learn about goal setting, emotional eating, creating a healthy plate, a fitness prescription, and other important weight loss topics.

The Lifestyle Changes Summer Body Jumpstart 6 Week Group Weight Loss program helps set you up for success in reaching your weight loss goals!

Single Payment of $400 or Two Payments of $200


Since starting this Group Weight Loss Program, I have had more clarity and focus. My mood is better. And most importantly, I have decreased the dose of my diabetic medication since my fasting blood sugars have improved. This program is truly helping me improve my lifestyle, health, and wellness. – Nina C.


Roasted Root Vegetables

roasted root vegetables in a white bowl


  • 1 medium acorn squash, peeled and chopped into ½-inch chunks
  • 1 cup turnips, chopped into ½-inch chunks
  • 2 cups of onion, chopped into large pieces
  • 1 cup parsnips, peeled and chopped into ½-inch chunks
  • 2 tablespoons of Avocado oil, for drizzling
  • 4 tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary
  • 4 tablespoons chopped fresh sage leaves
  • 4 tablespoons fresh thyme leaves
  • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper


  1. Preheat the oven to 425°F and line two baking sheets with parchment paper or silicone baking sheets.
  2. Place the acorn squash, parsnips, and onions on one baking sheet and the turnips on the other. Try to keep each vegetable in a section for separate cooking times.
  3. Drizzle the vegetables with avocado oil and sprinkle with the rosemary, sage, thyme, pinches of salt, and several grinds of pepper. Toss to coat and spread evenly on the baking sheets. Make sure the vegetables aren’t overcrowded.
  4. Roast for 25 to 50 minutes, or until fork tender and browned around the edges. The acorn squash, parsnips, and onion will bake for less time. The turnips may need to roast a little longer.

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