Not your average hummus

When looking to make Lifestyle Changes in your diet to help with weight loss and overall health, I seek out recipes from nutritionists around the world. This special twist on hummus from renowned author and celebrity judge of MasterChef Australia caught my attention as it takes all of the goodness from its individual ingredients to make a flavorful and vitamin-rich meal using [...]

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Salmon today, healthy tomorrow.

For The Love And Health Benefits Of Salmon I love to eat healthy foods, so when it comes to a well-balanced diet, I want recipes that taste great, look enticing, and are easy to prepare. What you cook are easy Lifestyle Changes that can make an enormous difference in your life. Once you get the hang of what ingredients and [...]

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Feed your body well to build your immune system

It is hard to believe, but back to school and cooler weather is just around the corner. Spending more time inside close to other people makes it easier to spread germs related to the common cold and viruses like the flu and the delta variant of the coronavirus currently sweeping our nation. So now is the time to strengthen your [...]

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The highly infectious delta variant sweeping the U.S. begs the question…to wear or not to wear a mask?

Wear a mask and get vaccinated as the United States is now averaging about 23,346 new delta variant cases a day over the past seven days, a 97% increase from the week prior, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. “We can't have it both ways; we can't be both unmasked and non-socially distant and unvaccinated. That won't work," Dr. [...]

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Telemedicine’s Emergence from the Pandemic Allows Physicians to Improve Patient Care

Dr. Janine Darby Shares the Success of her Pioneering Virtual Weight Loss and Primary Care Practice following the Covid-19 Pandemic   Pennsylvania will lift its mask mandate on June 28. Does this mask exodus create an influx for physicians to grow their practice? Dr. Janine Darby, the founder of Lifestyle Changes, a virtual primary care and medical weight loss practice, [...]

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Good Mood, Cool Food

Eating healthy while staying cool is one of the secret ingredients to a successful LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Here are two simple recipes packed with protein, fiber and flavor! Couple these with our healthy grilling tips and you are ready for an outdoor summer soiree. DC Caviar (3-bean salad) Adapted from Forks over Knives Cookbook 1 15 oz. can of chili beans, [...]

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Welcoming June with Healthy Grilling Tips!

Welcome, June. We are looking forward to getting outside and enjoying the warm weather and our new freedoms. One great way to enjoy family and friends while following a LIFESTYLE CHANGE in how you cook is to maximize the benefits of GRILLING - one of the healthiest ways to cook! Grilling is a great way to pursue healthy LIFESTYLE [...]

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Telemedicine Pioneer Dr. Darby Celebrates Second Anniversary of Lifestyle Changes

Coinciding with her Two-year Anniversary of Lifestyle Changes, Dr. Darby Expands her Concierge Medicine and Weight Management Practice to Identify, Treat and Prevent Chronic Disease, Obesity, and Aging   The Covid crisis was a catalyst to extraordinary change in how health care practitioners provide preventative and specialized medical supervision to ensure safety mandates. The explosion of telemedicine created unprecedented doctor-patient [...]

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Covid-19 Vaccine Awareness

Critical Knowledge for Antibody Testing, Medication Interference and Immunocompromised Individuals As of today, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than half of all American adults have received at least one Covid-19 vaccine dose and more than 84 million, about one third of all adults in the United States, are fully vaccinated. Now, everyone 16 [...]

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Spring Forward to Celebrate National Nutrition Month by Personalizing Your Plate and Getting Outdoors for a Healthy Lifestyle Change

Spring has sprung and the grass has grown which is the perfect time to make a lifestyle change that marries a healthy combination of delicious food and fresh air. In honor of National Nutrition Month, we are excited to invite you to learn more about making smart food choices and “personalizing your plate” with specific foods that please every palette, [...]

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