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Summer Wellness Begins with Being Mindful through Simple Lifestyle Changes

Summer is just a few weeks away. I am excited to enjoy the sunny days by practicing mindfulness in all aspects of life. Mindfulness is the essential human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s happening around us. We can practice being mindful through various exercises when eating, moving, and meditating. The goal is that mindfulness is part of all we do so that our physical, mental, and spiritual health is aligned.

I hope you will enjoy the following tips, products, and news that are part of my ongoing efforts for Lifestyle Changes. My medical weight loss and wellness expertise help patients and corporate wellness clients achieve optimal health. And join me in celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of Lifestyle Changes with a special offer featured below. Happy summer!  

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Mindfulness Exercise

Take a few deep breaths and settle into your body:

SEE – Take notice of 5 things within your sight.

TOUCH – Reach out and feel 4 things near you.

HEAR – Listen closely to 3 sounds around you.

SMELL – Breathe in through your nose and smell 2 things.

TASTE – Open up and notice the flavor of 1 thing.


Lifestyle Changes
Six Month Wellness Journal

Track your success with Dr. Janine Darby’s proprietary journal designed to log your daily mindset, meal planning, and movement.

This exclusive wellness companion has areas for noting your affirmations, challenges, food and water intake, exercise, and other areas of selfcare.

Over time you can review your progress in wellness as achieved one day at a time.

E – Open up and notice the flavor of 1 thing.


For three years, Lifestyle Changes’ Dr. Janine Darby has helped patients slim down and shape up. This isn’t a side specialty – it’s her entire practice. As word about her unique service has spread, her list of happy patients has exploded exponentially.

Board certified in both Obesity Medicine and Family Medicine, the best-selling author of “Get Your Sexy Back,” and an inspiring weight-loss success story herself, Darby employs an approach that’s both highly medical and uniquely personal. Patients rave about her thorough health screenings, her compassion, and her one-on-one, customized three-month programs. The pounds slide off – and stay off – and patients actually enjoy the process.

Now, Dr. Darby is bringing her unique expertise and empathy to corporations – thanks to a satisfied patient and CEO who asked her to start a wellness program for his employees.


Quiet Place: Schuylkill River

Community leader Dr. Janine Darby gets ready to get back out on the water.
by Bill Donahue

Years ago, Janine Darby, M.D., took a trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with the man who would one day become her husband. Among the trip’s memorable events: her first attempt at kayaking. “It’s not something we do frequently, but every time we go we always enjoy it,” she says. “Whether you’re kayaking or walking on a [hiking] trail, spending time outside is a wonderful thing. You’re surrounded by fresh air, you’re able to quiet your mind, and you can turn off the noise around you in your daily life. You’re looking at an entirely different environment—trees, water, other elements of nature—and there’s some serenity that comes with that.”


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