Healthy Lifestyle Changes for the New Year

Physician-led Weight Management and Corporate Wellness

New Year, New You as the saying goes. And while making resolutions is a well-known January tradition, I believe we need to address realistic goals first. So, this month’s newsletter focuses on cures for the winter doldrums. This theme is especially relevant as the Omicron variant is necessitating our social distancing and working from home a little bit longer than we hoped.

To best prepare you with LIFESTYLE CHANGES that help you maintain optimum wellness, take a read here on some of my mindset, meal planning, and movement recommendations to keep you feeling well from the inside, out.

Wishing you health and happiness in 2022.




Healthy Living

Ready, Set, Get Moving

Get outside! Go for a brisk 30-minute walk. Invite a friend!
Climb the stairs! Take as many flights as comfortable.
Take an online yoga class. Helps with stress and posture.
Use hand weights at your desk. Start with 1 or 2-pound weights and work your way up.
Stretch! Focus on the breath for an exercise in mindfulness.




Product of the Month

Immunity Boost Bundle

This bundle includes three immune-boosting supplements: Zinc, Vitamin C, and Immune Support. They have been shown to support a healthy immune system. These supplements are natural, powerful formulas that support strong immunity during the cold and flu season.



Lifestyle Changes Wellness Journal

I am pleased to unveil my Lifestyle Changes signature wellness journal. As a bariatric expert and family physician, I help patients reach optimal health and weight loss goals. My patients rely on this journal to help them track progress, so I am pleased to make this book available to anyone pioneering a healthier path. The Lifestyle Changes journal includes sections dedicated to my 3Ms – meal-prep, mindset, and movement. There are also areas for logging your exercise, sleep, stress management, and meditation.
I am excited to offer an advance purchase for my journal to my VIP patients and friends. You may order your Lifestyle Changes journal below.



In the News

Hot Off The Press

Lifestyle Changes by Dr. Janine Darby proves corporate wellness programs are the solution for maintaining physical health and creating a culture of caring amongst virtual workforces.

“A patient of mine valued my medical expertise and asked to extend my services to their company. To promote wellness and peer encouragement, my corporate programs include live, team trainings on mindset, meal planning, and movement followed by personalized health evaluations,” said Dr. Janine Darby, Founder, Lifestyle Changes and a double board-certified physician in family and obesity medicine.



Stay Tuned for Wellness Week

Wellness Trivia with Dr. Janine Darby
Tuesday, February 8 at 7pm, ET

As part of my sponsoring King of Prussia Wellness Week, February 7-13, I am hosting a special Lifestyle Changes virtual wellness trivia game. Using the popular Kahoot learning platform, I will host an interactive game show teaching my 3M’s – Mindset, Meal Planning, and Movement – for achieving weight loss and wellness goals.

Those who join LIVE will be entered to win a Lifestyle Changes Wellness Package. Please note: Instructions for participating in the Wellness Trivia event will be sent on Monday, February 7.


I would love to further discuss how LIFESTYLE CHANGES can add happiness and years of good health to your life. Join me for a complimentary discovery session by emailing or calling 484-685-0033.

Yours in health,