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Design your Wellness Plan this Summer with Lifestyle Changes on How to get Moving!

The heat of summer is great for pool plunges and ocean splashes, but when it’s too hot to do anything, consider doing this…design a wellness plan for you body, mind and spirit.

When working with my weight loss patients and corporate wellness clients, we focus on what I call the 3Ms – Mindset, Meal Panning, and Movement. I even created the Lifestyle Wellness Journal that helps to keep track of your progress in these areas.

But for the month of July, let’s focus on MOVEMENT. This is one of my favorite areas for making changes as you notice immediate improvements in how you think, sleep, and feel. By increasing your physical activity, your body produces endorphins – the good neurotransmitters that help to reduce stress. Movement also supports your cardiovascular, digestive, and immune systems. Think of it as mindfulness in motion that improves your brain and you body.

To get started, I have highlighted some tips and tools for creating a movement plan designed to fit your lifestyle. The changes you make now, will be especially important as we move forward into a new season in September.

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How to Get Moving

Check in with your physician. Schedule an appointment with your doctor before starting a new fitness routine.
Gradually build stamina. Begin with a gentle aerobic activity such as walking or swimming. Then add vigorous activities like running or biking.
Work your muscles. Add strength training to your routine twice a week to work all your muscles. Short 15-minute bursts of high intensity training make a difference.
Do what you love. Select an activity that brings you joy so you stick with it. And change it up so you don’t get bored.
Put it in your schedule. Book your physical activity as you would a meeting. And invite a friend to keep you accountable and to make it social.
Have measurable goals. Create realistic activities and time commitments. Take notice of the positive changes in a journal.


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Lifestyle Changes
Six Month Wellness Journal

Track your success with Dr. Janine Darby’s proprietary journal designed to log your daily mindset, meal planning, and movement.

This exclusive wellness companion has areas for noting your affirmations, challenges, food and water intake, exercise, and other areas of selfcare.

Over time you can review your progress in wellness as achieved one day at a time.

E – Open up and notice the flavor of 1 thing.

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This September, Dr. Janine Darby, award-winning obesity medicine and corporate wellness physician, begins a 12-week group weight loss coaching program.

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  • Content: LIVE online sessions focus on Dr. Darby’s 3 M’s – Mindset, Meal Planning, and Movement. 
  • Topics: Learn about goal setting, emotional eating, creating a healthy plate, a fitness prescription, and other important weight loss topics. 

The Lifestyle Changes Group Weight Loss program helps set you up for success
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