Dr. Janine Darby Celebrates the Third Anniversary of Lifestyle Changes, a Physician-led Weight Management and Corporate Wellness Practice, Expanding Services to Serve a Remote Workforce and Individuals’ Post-pandemic Health Issues

Dr. Janine Darby, a double board-certified physician in family and obesity medicine, celebrates her third anniversary of Lifestyle Changes with an expansion of services and a special offer on proprietary merchandise. This milestone represents growing her physician-led weight management practice to include a comprehensive corporate wellness program. The growth addresses a remote workforce’s physical, mental, and spiritual needs. It also helps individuals’ experiencing various health complications, including long-haul Covid, weight gain, and other lifestyle-related difficulties.

Dr. Janine Darby of Lifestyle Changes creates physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness programs tailored to her patient’s health goals. She has successfully led hundreds of patients towards significant weight loss, and her expansion into corporate wellness offers a combination of health-related services to companies of all sizes.

“I launched Lifestyle Changes in April 2019 after overseeing my weight loss through changes to my mindset, meal planning, and movement. My journey and professional expertise in obesity medicine help me guide people on how to lose weight and achieve optimal health successfully,” shares Dr. Darby.

Lifestyle Changes expanded into corporate wellness to help companies offer added-value health benefits to their employees. The first client in this space emerged from a patient who asked Dr. Darby to create a wellness program for their staff to develop collective employee events and individual coaching opportunities.

Dr. Darby designs personalized and group wellness programs based on her clients’ needs. For individual patients, she begins with a thorough review of their health history and lifestyle. She then meets with them weekly to address topics ranging from meal plans and grocery lists to exercise programs and mindfulness routines. These topics are also part of her live events for her corporate wellness clients, with the mutual goal to keep people on track towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Track your success with Lifestyle Changes’ Wellness Journal.

Dr. Darby has a proprietary Lifestyle Changes Wellness Journal and private-label collection of vitamins and supplements to compliment her treatment plans and corporate programs. In conjunction with her anniversary, she is offering 30% off Lifestyle Changes products, good through Thursday, June 30, 2022. She is also giving away one 12-week weight loss coaching program to the first individual who schedules a complimentary discovery session at https://www.lifestylechangesllc.com/appt/ by Sunday, May 1, 2022.

About Lifestyle Changes:

Lifestyle Changes by Dr. Janine Darby is a virtual weight management and corporate wellness practice. Dr. Darby is a Carnegie Mellon University and Temple University School of Medicine graduate. Learn more at www.LifestyleChangesLLC.com, 484-685-0033, or info@lifestylechangesllc.com.