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If you are anything like me, warm weather cannot come soon enough. All the more reason we need to focus on our health and happiness now so we look our best for the sunny days ahead.

So, the theme for this month’s newsletter is “Awakenings.” I had my own awakening when I was approaching 40 and realized I was unhappy, self-conscious, overweight, and about to celebrate a milestone birthday in less than perfect shape. I made a change, many for that matter, and in addition to losing my excess weight, I conceived LIFESTYLE CHANGES.

To get started on a pathway to better health, it is essential to make changes to what I call the 3Ms – mindset, meal prep, and movement. So, let’s get moving now on basic tips, supplements, and news that will make reaching your goals a reality.
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Healthy Living

Easy Ways to Improve Your Mindset

• Set a morning affirmation that your goals are within reach
• Start the day with gentle stretches to warm your muscles and improve your flexibility
• Practice breathing to calm yourself – three counts in, hold, three counts out, repeat
• Take a lunch walk versus eating at the desk




Product of the Month

Belly Buster and Metabolism Boost

Conjugated Linoleic Acid is the active ingredient in my Belly Buster supplement. It helps change body composition by supporting reduced body fat and an increase of lean muscle mass. And Metabolism Boost is a potent herbal formula that supports a healthy weight and increases your metabolism.



Lifestyle Changes To Make Now

You Are What You Eat

Yes, this is an old adage, but one that resonates when it comes to losing weight and staying healthy. Below are a few adjustments to make to your regular eating habits now that will have ongoing health benefits in the near and distant future.
• Decrease your alcohol consumption or replace high-sugar, high-calorie beverages with healthier alternatives such as champagne or club soda vs. a juice mixer
• Snack on nuts or cucumbers if craving something crunchy and salty – this is much better than potato chips or pretzels
• Avoid processed or pre-packaged foods that are high in sodium and low in nutrition
• Plan ahead. By creating a meal plan you are better able to manage portions and will be less likely to grab unhealthy food on the go. It will also help to save money and time.
• Drink more water – 52 to 64 ounces per day to be exact



In the News



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