Welcome, June. We are looking forward to getting outside and enjoying the warm weather and our new freedoms. One great way to enjoy family and friends while following a LIFESTYLE CHANGE in how you cook is to maximize the benefits of GRILLING – one of the healthiest ways to cook!

Grilling is a great way to pursue healthy LIFESTYLE CHANGES!

To get started on pursuing a low fat, high protein, vegetable and fiber-rich diet using the grill, below are a few suggestions:

Perfect Proteins: Select healthy protein options including fish, chicken breasts, or ground poultry instead of red meats. Manage your fat intake by trimming skin or fat on meat and select healthy fish like salmon and trout which are two of my favorites. Special note:  make sure the fat drips away from the meat when grilling and use healthy oils such as safflower, avocado or extra virgin olive oil for cooking.

Select healthy proteins like salmon filets.

Seasoning with a Soak: Grilled foods require minimal seasoning. Small amounts of marinades and herb rubs are great ways to manage sodium intake. Select fresh herbs from your garden and simple spices like black pepper, curry, turmeric and paprika, along with a tablespoon of healthy oil for the perfect amount of fresh flavor! Add a squeeze of lemon or lime for a special pop.

Veggie Time: Vegetables and even fruits taste great when prepared on the grill. Add them to a kebab or cook them separately with a brush of extra virgin olive oil in a grill basket. Either way, they add vitamins, minerals, fiber and, color to your grilled entree.

Veggies add fiber, minerals, flavor and color to your grilled meals.

Sidekicks and Sandwiches: Add fiber into your sides by swapping out high fat and carbohydrate-loaded potato salad or syrupy sweet baked beans with fresh salads combining leafy greens, fruits, and legumes. Make sure your bread options are whole-grain and consider an open-face burger or even a lettuce wrap!

Sweet Ending: Did you know grilling fruits is a great naturally sweet option for dessert? A few of my faves are pineapples, bananas, apples, and peaches that caramelize when grilled giving them an extra sweet finish!

To learn other LIFESTYLE CHANGES for staying healthy with the goal to lose weight or manage preexisting health conditions such as diabetes or cholesterol, schedule a discovery session with Dr. Janine Darby by emailing info@lifestylechanges.com or calling 484-685-0033.

Yours in health,

Dr. Janine Darby