This month’s weight loss transformation started his program with Lifestyle Changes in March 2019; weighing 200 pounds. As of August 2019, he now weighs 187.4 pounds, losing a total of 12.6lbs and 3 inches off the waist. Most importantly, he feels energized!

What has this transformation meant to you?

I no longer take my blood pressure medicine, it is back to normal, and I feel so much healthier! I no longer experience joint pain and can get around with ease now. I am more active with my kids because I have so much more energy; which in turn gives me a better quality of life.

What did Dr. Darby’s weight-loss program do for you both physically and mentally?

It’s helped me reclaim my life.  I am now more active with my kids and another incredible bonus…it got me off prescription drugs.

Why did you choose her program over other programs?

Dr. Darby’s program offers one-on-one consultation, in which she personalizes a weight loss plan just for me. She tweaks or modifies the plan as necessary to achieve desired results. Meeting on a bi-weekly basis helps keep me accountable so that I stay on track.

How will you maintain this lifestyle change?

I have become much more aware of the types of food to eat and the foods I should avoid. I will continue to food journal to keep me accountable and help maintain my weight loss. I will continue to take care of myself by exercising regularly, getting more sleep, setting time for family and vacations.

Who would you recommend to work with Lifestyle Changes, and why?

Lifestyle Changes is for anyone looking for a healthier, happier, and overall better quality of life. Dr. Darby will help you achieve all of your goals.

If you like to feel energized and healthy, book an appointment with Dr. Darby for your weight loss transformation at or call 484.685.0033.

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Yours in Health,

Dr. Darby