As the coronavirus continues to create the need for a virtual workforce, companies are challenged to ensure a culture of caring and camaraderie through added benefits that help employees stay healthy and grow closer as a team. Lifestyle Changes by Dr. Darby addresses this need with corporate wellness programs that combine live, online group events with virtual employee health assessments.

Dr. Janine Darby offers corporate wellness programs for the virtual workforce.


“A patient of mine valued my medical expertise and asked to extend my services to their company. To promote wellness and peer encouragement, my corporate programs include live, team trainings on mindset, meal planning, and movement followed by personalized health evaluations,” said Dr. Janine Darby, Founder, Lifestyle Changes and a double board-certified physician in family and obesity medicine.


Lifestyle Changes offers events, wellness plans, health tips, and coaching. Dr. Darby designs programs to meet her clients’ needs and they can track their progress using the Lifestyle Changes wellness journal. Live events cover meditation, cooking, exercise, and other group activities. Her health tips, personal assessments, and coaching focus on nutrition, dietary supplements, and activities to help with weight loss to overall health.

“Dr. Darby and her team have created a specialized program that’s designed to not only keep us healthy but also help us bond as colleagues and friends.  It’s the ultimate team program in which we encourage one another and, in the process, maintain a strong and steady connection even from our remote positions.  I’m thrilled to have met Dr. Darby and truly appreciate what she’s done for us,” said Michael LaRocca, Founder and CEO at Ready Computing.

Track your success with the Lifestyle Changes Wellness Journal.

Lifestyle Changes also offers the gift of health with certificates for private appointments. “My mission to help people achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual health can sometimes start with an initial assessment that begins their lifetime journey towards health and happiness,” said Dr. Darby.

Lifestyle Changes by Dr. Janine Darby is a virtual weight management and corporate wellness practice. Dr. Darby offers various group and individual health services plus a proprietary journal and private-label vitamins. She is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and Temple University School of Medicine. More at, 484-685-0033, or