Struggling to lose weight? Time for Lifestyle Changes LLC

Even physicians make poor choices.

For years, Dr. Janine Darby had put healthy eating on a back burner. With a bustling Penn Medicine family practice in Phoenixville and four demanding kids, who had time to cut vegetables?

Eating on the run – a pizza here, a bowl of ice cream there – and diminutive Darby (she’s 4 ft. 11) packed on 55 pounds.

“Oh, my gosh, I’m huge for my size!” she remembers thinking. Her husband was a foot taller but weighed just 10 pounds more.

Diabetes, cancer and heart disease – all connected to obesity and advancing age – ran in her family. Nearing 40, she knew her luck wouldn’t last forever.

Plus, the mirror was demoralizing.

“I hated how I looked in clothes,” Darby recalls. “I would turn down events because I didn’t have anything to wear. I didn’t feel sexy for my husband. I became a little depressed. For all these reasons, I knew I had to get it together.”

An inner voice, whispered at first, grew insistent: Physician, heal thyself.

And so, she did.