Amidst Massive Surge Of COVID-19 And International Lockdowns, Fusion PPE Continues To Supply CDC And NIOSH-Approved N95 Respirators And Authentic PPE To Essential Workers, Consumers, And Professional Organizations

With the enormous increase in COVID-19 infections and countries going back into lockdown, it is critical that essential workers and other individuals have a full supply of N95 respirators and authentic personal protective equipment (PPE). Fusion PPE continues to deliver genuine PPE including its CDC and NIOSH-approved N95 to medical professionals, businesses, and civilians in the United States, in spite of false news of a shortage.

Fusion PPE is a trusted medical sales company lead by a team of industry executives with 30 years of experience. Their comprehensive collection of PPE includes N95ssingle use face masksreusable antimicrobial face masksface shieldsOrbel™ Personal Hand Sanitizing Deviceswipes, air purifiers, coronavirus tests, and more. Its products are available in bulk for immediate delivery at