Weight Loss Transformation

This month’s weight loss transformation started his program with Lifestyle Changes in March 2019; weighing 200 pounds. As of August 2019, he now weighs 187.4 pounds, losing a total of 12.6lbs and 3 inches off the waist. Most importantly, he feels energized!

What has this transformation meant to you?

I no longer take my blood pressure medicine, it is back to normal, and I feel so much healthier! I no longer experience joint pain and can get around with ease now. I am more active with my kids because I have so much more energy; which in turn gives me a better quality of life.

What did Dr. Darby’s weight-loss program do for you both physically and mentally?

It’s helped me reclaim my life.  I am now more active with my kids and another incredible bonus…it got me off prescription drugs.

Why did you choose her program over other programs?

Dr. Darby’s program offers one-on-one consultation, in which she personalizes a weight loss plan just for me. She tweaks or modifies the plan as necessary to achieve desired results. Meeting on a bi-weekly basis helps keep me accountable so that I stay on track.

How will you maintain this lifestyle change?

I have become much more aware of the types of food to eat and the foods I should avoid. I will continue to food journal to keep me accountable and help maintain my weight loss. I will continue to take care of myself by exercising regularly, getting more sleep, setting time for family and vacations.

Who would you recommend to work with Lifestyle Changes, and why?

Lifestyle Changes is for anyone looking for a healthier, happier, and overall better quality of life. Dr. Darby will help you achieve all of your goals.

If you like to feel energized and healthy, book an appointment with Dr. Darby for your weight loss transformation at or call 484.685.0033.

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Yours in Health,

Dr. Darby




Orange Theory Fitness

After you lose weight, the biggest struggle is learning to maintain your weight appropriately. One needs to continue on low carb, high protein meals, coupled with an increase in physical activity; to burn more calories daily! I need to preserve and build lean mass and improve my metabolism to keep the weight off.

In the past, I was a member of a local gym with a personal trainer. I became bored with the same routine and set out to find a class that excited and challenged me.  I heard great things about the Orange Theory Fitness(OTF) trainers and their one-hour, high-intensity workouts. I recognized that many of the people who were going there were showing fantastic results.

I joined OTF last October and haven’t looked back!  I am more toned and have built more muscle mass, while at the same time increased my endurance and strength. Most importantly, I have been able to lose and maintain my weight and feel AMAZING!

I attend OTF 3-4 times a week and participate in high-intensity interval training for one hour with a trainer. I like to be guided by a trainer. I am then held accountable for my fitness.

The class is a combination of 30 mins of cardio and 30 mins of strength training. The class activities vary each time as well as the music playlist. I like the group element to the workout; I get to share my fitness angst or woes with others and meet other fitness junkies.

During each class, I wear a tracker that provides feedback about heart rate, and calories burned. At the end of class, I am sent data from my tracker via email, which shows I burn about 500 calories give or take.

One of the fun parts of consistently having a fitness regimen is the fresh, comfy athletic gear I wear.  Check out this adorable outfit from one of my favorite brands, Niyamasol:

Here are a few of my favorite Fitness Tips:

  • Stay hydrated before, during, and after exercise!
  • Take a break to rest muscles if necessary.
  • Warm-up before exercising & Stretch after exercising.
  • Fuel body after exercise with a low-calorie meal or a protein meal replacement.

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Yours In Health,

Dr. Darby


Weight Loss Transformation

I like to share my lifestyle changes with my patients, as well as offer my medical expertise. I have helped many clients start their weight loss journey and successfully reach their goals. It gives me great joy to see my patients lose weight, feel better and most importantly improve their overall health.

This months weight loss transformation started her program with me, in January 2019; weighing 241 pounds. In July 2019 she now weighs 217 pounds, losing a total of 24lbs. Most importantly she feels amazing!

Below you will find key information about her weight-loss journey with Lifestyle Changes, and how it is helping to transform her overall health and wellness.

  1. What has this transformation meant to you?

 Better health! As I age and watch family members age it makes me aware there are many health issues that come up; that we have no control over but have to deal with them.  In addition, there are health issues we bring on ourselves with our daily, lifestyle choices. I am taking control of my overall health before those things continue to creep up on me.

  1. What did Dr. Darby’s weight-loss program do for you both physically and mentally?

Physically, I know the less weight I carry the less stress on my heart, which is better for my overall health. The program is realistic because I see the weight come off slowly and steadily, which helped pushed me positively to keep me going! Each small change in my eating habits and physical activity builds up to a complete lifestyle change, and makes the diet and exercise easier to balance and maintain long term.

Mentally, Dr. Darby is available to help me along on this journey.  She understands how it works and set realistic goals for me to obtain.  She meets my challenges and sometimes complaintswith suggestions re: how to deal with all of that; and meets my victories with joy and encouragement.  She is genuinely happy to see me win!

  1. Why did you choose her program over other programs?

I actually went into the meal replacement program blindly with Dr. Darby. The program itself is easy and adaptable and the meal replacements have really worked for me. I often come to Dr. Darby with lots questions and clarifications surrounding my weight loss.  If there is something that she does not know, she is great about researching the best approach and solution; and then going over all of those details with me as often and as long as needed.

  1. How will you maintain this lifestyle change?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires daily commitment.  I have to be held accountable for the choices that I make, as it relates to diet and exercise. The summer will be a delicate balance between delicious summer foods and keeping my physical activity up. The greatest thing about summer us that I do find it easier to stay active.  I will continue to follow the program and keep my body moving 5-6 days a week; and by check in with Dr. Darby who helps hold me accountable for my overall health.

  1. Who would you recommend to work with Dr. Darby and Lifestyle Changes, and why?

I think anyone and everyone would benefit from working with Dr. Darby! There is no age limit, no goal too small or too large.  Dr. Darby is patient, understanding, helpful, resourceful, caring and realistic with each client’s goals.  I highly recommend working with Dr. Darby, and look forward to my continued relationship on my own person weight loss journey.

If you will like to feel amazing and healthy, book an appointment with Dr. Darby for your weight loss transformation at or call 484.685.0033.

Lose Weight, Promote Health, Cure Illness!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Darby