Lifestyle Changes LLC Celebrates First Anniversary!

This month, on April 11th,  Lifestyle Changes LLC will officially be celebrating it’s one year anniversary!  There are so many reasons I am thankful for hitting this milestone.  First and foremost, every year I’m in business is another year that I have the opportunity to help people across the country regain their health and start loving their body!  I look [...]

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Happy National Nutrition Month: Tips for Building a Healthy Body

Happy National Nutrition Month! During this month, I encourage people to celebrate their health, alongside the healthy habits that have helped them reach their fitness and wellness goals.  If you’re not where you’d like to be yet healthwise, that’s ok. It’s never too late to pick up new habits that will help improve your wellbeing, whether your end goal is [...]

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How to Set Realistic Health and Wellness Goals for 2021

It happens every year… The clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve and we all make pledges to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Then...3 weeks later we are eating junk, sitting on the couch, and neglecting our newly purchased gym memberships or equipment.  Why does this happen? And what can you do to ensure you actually stick to your health and [...]

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Weight Loss Transformation

I like to share my lifestyle changes with my patients, as well as offer my medical expertise. I have helped many clients start their weight loss journey and successfully reach their goals. It gives me great joy to see my patients lose weight, feel better and most importantly improve their overall health. This months weight loss transformation started her program [...]

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Dr. Darby’s Weight Loss Transformation

Six years ago I turned 40.  I was feeling sluggish, had gained some extra weight over time and didn’t feel well mentally or physically! I decided to focus on losing the weight and took the first steps to change my life. I became more diligent in taking care of myself! I changed my diet to low carbohydrates and high protein [...]

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Lose Weight, Promote Health, Cure Illness!

My name is Dr. Janine Darby and I have been practicing medicine for 15 years, with a specialization in Family Medicine and most recently, Obesity Medicine. I chose this particular field because I have a vested interest in chronic illness prevention. In addition to my work life, I am also a wife of 24 years and a mother of four.Six [...]

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