Patient Reviews

“With Dr. Darby’s help, I was able to finally lose 40 pounds! When we met, I was tired, apprehensive and very frustrated with my weight; she helped me feel like myself again. Dr. Darby is personable, very knowledgeable, and was extremely positive and patient while we worked together.”

-Renee W.​

“Dr. Darby got me into this journey to better health kind of by chance and I am grateful she did. Dr. Darby is so easy to communicate with, when I have struggles, she meets me with suggestions when I have questions about how to make my program work for my life, she has answer and if she doesn’t know she will find out. She is a positive guide on my journey to better health!”

-Stephanie L.​

“I have battled with my weight my entire life. I have even had weight loss surgery four years ago. I recently gained back some of my weight and decided to look for help. Dr. Darby has been instrumental in my current weight loss. She has given me the tools on how to think of food differently. She has motivated and inspired and because of this I have been successful in losing weight!

Professional, kind, and understanding are words that I can describe my experience with Dr. Darby! On my weight loss journey, I never felt alone, and I was informed of different ways that I could achieve my weight loss goals!

From beginning to end, this experience has been simply amazing! Words cannot express the gratitude that I have. Dr. Darby has been on the cutting edge of weight loss and I’m truly happy and satisfied with my results thus far.”

-Susan F.​

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Darby’s for almost ten years and I recommend her to everyone that desires a skilled and fully committed doctor. In today’s “drive-thru doctoring”, Dr. Darby is a rare find who listens, never rushes you, thorough, kind and caring. She’s a living representation of the Hippocratic Oath who not only treats you as a person and truly cares about your overall well-being.”

-Nicole K.​

“Not only was it a great experience, I’m learning new ways to eat healthy without starving. I learned to make eating right a lifestyle and dieting doesn’t work.”

-Khidja S.​